What a tool!

A month on from my last tinker and feeling the need, I remembered I’d chopped up an old Renault 12 scissorjack handle to use in a drill as a high sped jack winder at some time!

So I dug it out from one of the sheds and while it might be “metric” I figured it would be close enough to try

So I gave it a bit of rough grinding and got it to fit a 10mm socket

IMG_0001 IMG_0003

Tap with a hammer and Jobs done.

So with a couple of hours spare and a month since the Diesel in the bores has ahd time to work, some┬álong 1/2″ extensions and I figured I may be onto a winner, worth a try anyway.


So having felt the way in with a torch I was well chuffed when the “tool” picked up on the crank end and felt cammed in! Stuck a nice big comfy ratchet handle on it and gave it a little push!

Well its at this point I’d like to be writing how it suddenly gave and the engine is now spinning like a top!

Sadly it was not to be and despite increasing pressure and weight on the handle it became clear that it was not going anywhere ­čÖü

Until the socket walls gave way and now it needs welding onto the shaft for the  next attempt.

So that’s that unless I get some bright ideas? Stuck another ┬ágood squirt of pluss gas in each plugghole and about half a cupful of diesel for good measure, and moved on to something else to take my mind off it for now!

Having a little poke around I found the dipstick and was pleased to see that it did have some reasonable looking oil in it, Sadly, it not been further than the sump for a long time and I’m starting to worry that the rings are welded/rusted in the bores.IMG_0008

Another look with idle hands and I see that it’s also had a fuel pump added on at some time, presumably to feed the Zenith?IMG_0013

Also had a little look at the distributor, it seems in reasonable shape though the rotor arm was quite “floppy.IMG_0015 IMG_0012 IMG_0011

Looking closely at it I wonder if there should be a small leaf spring in this slot  keeping it steady. at the moment theres about 30 deg of movement!

So thats it for todays little look see.

Car 1 progress 0