Cash for a stash

A chance spot during the regular trawl for anything of use on E-bay found a pair of headlight glasses in the UK.

Given the rarity of this stuff I contacted the seller to establish it this was it, or if there was more to come?

Suffice to say, that after a few emails, ¬†lists and conversations there was a whole pile of “stuff” that would fit the car.

John the seller, (we’ll call him John for now) had just sold his car and had 20 years worth off accumulated spares ¬†for his 1938 Airstream.

Despite the spares costing nearly as much as the car, a deal was struck and I now have a big pile of spares for the engine and transmission, brakes, glass, and some interior and external trim and handles.

Most will fit a few bits are model specific , so once I’ve had time to sort them ,I ‘ll move them on. Heres a few pictures of the stash

IMG_2581 IMG_2599 IMG_2630 IMG_2626