The big day (AKA Operation Heave Ho!)

Early start got the trailer hitched to Nick’s tow car and a 200 mile trip later got us to Cumbria for midday.

We wasted no time planning how to get a 2 ton car with no brakes or engine, from a narrow level bit up a steep hilly bit enough to turn it and roll it down a steep hilly bit onto the trailer without a broken car, trailer, tow car or persons!
With a bit of extra help from Steve’s neighbour and judicious use of rocks to keep it all under control every six inches we managed to get it loaded. Strapped all the doors up with tape removed a couple of loose bit of irreplaceable trim, drank a cup of coffee, paid the man, and we are off again within the hour. Good work all!


Steve saying goodbye, Steves neighbour and Nick resting to build up strength.

After much pushing and rapid rock placing, we got it onto the trailer (it just fits!)

And we’re underway!

200 miles late and were back in Leicestershire.
Unloaded and got it tucked away in its nice new dry home.