First Impressions

So a look around was had; Although it’s sitting outside now, it was a “barn find” for Steve who was looking to restore it himself, it was suggested that it had been the Mayor of Hull’s official car originally, but most recently taken by an acquaintance in respect of a debt, from the “barn” then bought by Steve.
Looking round it I figured on the condition, the completeness and the originality, that these things don’t present themselves that often in life.
What also struck me was its giant size and presence and whilst that may create difficulties down the line, if I had to drive a vintage car, (for those that don’t know me) I’d look and fit better in this than an Austin 7!
It’s got Suicide rear doors, lots or chrome (for its age), bench seats front and back, a huge boot (sorry Wayne,trunk!) a cute flathead 6. and lots or art deco details. I was quite taken with it.