Jealous Minds

Having seen Tom’s there wasn’t that much to decide anyway, save for the fact that current circumstances weren’t in my favor and this is one big car that’s going to need a lot of time and work when I get to it.
Not to mention what to do with it in the meantime until I could actually start any proper work on it?
Still, I took the plunge, got on the phone to Steve, confirmed my intention, sent him a deposit and once I’d sorted out the logistics, arranged to collect it asap.

In the meantime I put some feelers out and got a few suggestions and even offers of single garages, but whilst not ungrateful where never going to cut it, this things nearly 5 meters long!
Fortunately via good old Locostbuildersand my Facebook friends, I found  a satisfactory arrangement and so that was that obstacle covered.

So I just need to do some military co-ordination of people transport and storage and we’ll be home and dry :-O